In the current world, though whole grains gives excellent health benefit, health conscious people are failed to eat variety of assorted grains because of lack of knowledge about the tons of grains around the world (13000 grains in this world) and unable to make tasting meal out of those grains. Though health conscious customer buy grains from multiple store and online, Due to lack of customer interest and access to recipes in cooking grains, it ended up staying in the pantry for a long time and go to trash after some time hence wasting the produce & money.

This box allows the customer to buy and store the only the fresh grains needed for their family for that month and provides tasty & interesting recipe to try and encourage them to cook those grains.
Grains go within these box varies month to month. Customer’s don’t know what they are getting each month. But only from below are the list of 100% whole grains will be sent. All grains are whole and 100% organic, natural along with plenty of digital recipes.